Home sweet home

Location: Cambodge

Categories: Environment, Housing

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Interlocking bricks exist in a lot of countries. Any search engine will give you dozens of examples. Kongngy didn’t invent the concept but the difficulty of this technology is to find the good design and adapt the mixture to the local soil.
My Dream Home is also developing new products like a permeable bricks for pavement. Those bricks are very useful during the rainy season. It has multiple advantages, first the water can go back to the water tables also the street are safer because it minimizes the risks of inundation.
After having built hundreds of habitation, Kongngy is changing for a bigger factory. The construction needs a big investment and Kongngy is always looking for partners, engineers and sponsors who can help him in his journey. If you want to join his mission, contact him through the My Dream Home FB page.


LICADHO study about the traditional brick industry :Child Labor in Brick Factory.
My Dream Home website : My Dream Home.