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Location: Cambodia

Categories: Health


In Phnom-Penh, the capital of Cambodia, the air is full of fine particles emitted from cars and motorbikes, as well as dust from all the construction sites around the city. Surgical masks are the only solution people have to avoid breathing this heavely contaminated air directly. However, they are not efficient in this situation as they are not designed to protect against breathing in very small particles.


KamasK makes affordable anti-pollution masks that are actually efficient against fine particles. The main components are:

  • the visible part of the mask, which is made of breathable fabric;
  • a filter which needs to be changed after a 70-hour use;
  • and removable ventilation valves.

They adapt to any circumstances and personal taste as they come in different models and designs, including the traditional krama. KamasK has the masks made by the NGO PSE Cambodia, which creates jobs for low income people.


  • An efficient solution to a public health issue
  • Partnering with PSE Cambodia, an NGO that gives education and job skills to extremely poor children
  • Masks locally designed and assembled in Cambodia
  • Product sold at a low price to be affordable to most of the population


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And click here to know more about PSE.


Isabelle Huynh and KamasK